***2022 - TERM 3 - Important Information - January 2022 COVID Testing*** - Students


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RE: Covid Safety Measures for schools in January 2022/Lateral Flow Tests

Schools have been asked by the Government to implement Lateral Flow Testing on the school site in January as students return from the Christmas holiday.

At Bexhill Academy, we will support this request on Tuesday 4 January 2022. We are very experienced at doing Lateral Flow Testing with many staff qualified to support students in this activity. We have efficient systems in place to ensure that tests can go ahead and have set out our initial plans for implementation as follows.

On Tuesday 4 January 2022 we will stagger Lateral Flow Devise Testing across the day, with individual year groups attending within a one hour slot. This will help us to avoid over mixing of student groups before we have results from the first LFD tests. 

The timings of the tests are as follows:  Please ensure that you have signed and completed the new consent form for this test (see website: Parents/2022 January Covid Testing)

Year 7: BA1/BA2 8.30-8.40am - BA3/BA4 8.40–8.50am - BA5/BA6 8.50–9.00am - BA7/BA8 9.00–9.10am - BA9/BA10 9.10–9.20am 

Year 8: BA1/BA2 9.30-9.40am - BA3/BA4 9.40–9.50am - BA5/BA6 9.50–10.00am - BA7/BA8 10.00-10.10am - BA9/BA10 10.10-10.20am - BA11/BA12 10.20-10.30am

Year 9: BA1/BA2 11.00-11.10am - BA3/BA4 11.10–11.20am - BA5/BA6 11.20–11.30am - BA7/BA8 11.30–11.40am - BA9/BA10 11.40–11.50am - BA11/BA12 11.50–12.00pm

Year 11: BA1/BA2 12.00 –12.10pm BA3/BA4 12.10–12.20pm - BA5/BA6 12.20–12.30pm - BA7/BA8 12.30–12.40pm - BA9/BA10 12.40–12.50pm - BA11/BA12 12.50–1.00pm

Year 10: BA1/BA2 1:30-1.40pm BA3/BA4 1.40–1.50pm - BA5/BA6 1.50–2.00pm - BA7/BA8 2.00–2.10pm - BA9/BA10 2.10–2.20pm - BA11/BA12 2.20–2.30pm

Our plan is that students attend in their school uniform at the agreed time to do their LFD Test. Students will test and go. 

Year 7 will be first, between 8.30am and 9.30am with tutors on hand to support and parents can wait for students just outside the gates should they wish to. We will be testing using the “Nose Only” test and students will be guided through this on the day and then provided with these tests to take away to use at home. Your child only needs to attend for as long as the test takes. They are to leave the testing site immediately after the test. Parents will be informed if their child tests positive. 

If you have any questions concerning this process then please contact Ms Lawrie on student reception or via email at Fleur.Lawrie@bexhillacademy.org who will log or answer your query. We will be open from 8.30am on Tuesday 4 January 2022 to respond.