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Latest research shows that as well as online support, young people want face-to-face advice and guidance from businesses when they are starting to think about their future career. Building on our work to improve our students career aspirations, we are working with local business Hastings Direct, so that our Year 9 and 10 students can experience Futuready, a programme of inspirational events focussing on happiness, confidence, hope, relationships and employability.

A collaboration between Hastings Direct and social enterprise Humanutopia, the Futuready Programme positively impacts and shapes the future workforce at the same time as offering businesses a fantastic opportunity to make a tangible, measurable and life changing difference to local young people. Futuready focusses on qualities and life skills that support qualifications and success. In a mixture of larger group work, smaller breakout groups and 1-2-1 sessions, the young people and business volunteers are able share their views, day-to-day issues and concerns, and aspirations for the future. The students are invited to look at the influences of others, peer pressure and the culture of conformity and will reflect on their attitude, behaviour and impact on themselves and others.

Futuready helps young people to understand what positive changes they need to make in order to realise their aspirations and what qualities are required to be successful in business and the workplace. Business volunteers from Hastings Direct provide support and advice throughout the Futuready journey, acting as positive role models and guides, and helping to inspire the students with their ideas and encouragement.

Bringing the corporate community to students who are preparing for their next career steps, Futuready is designed to support young people on their life journey and open their eyes to the world of work and the possibilities it can bring.

Futuready Programme Objectives are to:

Build stronger, more sustainable relationships between businesses and schools, colleges and universities

Encourage increased business mentoring at schools in Sussex and Surrey

Develop the life skills and employability skills of young people

Create peer-to-peer networking opportunities for young people

Connect schools, providing opportunities to share best practice in CEIAG

Establish more meaningful work experience opportunities for young people

Educate young people and teaching staff on the effective use of the employability microsites

Inspire young people to think seriously about their futures and all of the opportunities available to them

Enhance the employer profile of the businesses involved in the programme and improve their long term employee pipeline

A bit about Humanutopia…

Humanutopia is a social business that creates and runs inspirational courses in schools for students and staff.  Their courses are based on personal, social and workplace skills development, and improve the hope, confidence, happiness, relationships, and employability of participating students. 

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