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Vision Statement:

"English is a magical subject that allows a reader to live vicariously, just for a moment. We encourage you to experience a plethora of writers and frolic in the forest of your imagination. We endeavour to enthuse you to explore the wonders of the written word and how a variety of language can enhance your knowledge to become your greatest power."

Welcome to Bexhill Academy’s English Department and to the ‘World of English!’

 The first thing we do in Year 7 is to invite students to come with us on a journey as we explore the world of language and literature together. Students will learn the most when they want to learn and we want them to enjoy their journey with us.

We have created a fantastic and diverse curriculum, which ranges from ancient texts to modern classics! And we follow the AQA syllabus at KS4 for language and literature.

As well as learning to learn, we also highly value creativity and original writing. We don’t just want our students to analyse and evaluate; we want them to create the next generation of classics! We offer many opportunities for students to enter competitions and to produce original publications.

KS3 and KS4 Curriculum Overviews