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Student Attendance at Bexhill Academy

The Academy starts at 8.30am daily

·        Students who arrive late after the 8.30am bell are greeted by the Pastoral Team who will take down their name and form group.  They will then go to their first lesson.

·        The gates close at 8.30am and students arriving after this must sign in with the Pastoral Manager who will then let them in at the gate.

·        Students arriving to school after 8.40am are required to sign in at Reception.

·        Parents are requested to call the academy on the first day of a student's absence and must, by law, provide a written explanation of the absence upon their child’s return to school.

·        Students are discouraged from taking holidays during school time, but if this is unavoidable, parents must apply in advance to the Executive Principal.

·        Students who are late will be dealt with according to the Academy Behaviour Policy.

Mrs N Ashdown, Attendance Manager:

01424 730722 Ext 2204

Chloe Dell,  Educational Welfare Officer

Attendance at Bexhill Academy