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Student Leadership Team

The Student Leadership Team is a vibrant and exciting part of student life at Bexhill Academy. Our Student Leaders are ambassadors for change, the face of the Academy, and the voice of our community. They are an integral part of the Bexhill Academy Family and take on many important roles and duties both within the Academy and the local area.

Joining the Student Leadership Team will provide you with countless opportunities to take on new challenges, meet new people and drive forward change and improvement for our Academy and the wider community. As well as this, there will be a plethora of skills that you will gain as an individual, including enhancing your leadership skills, team skills, interpersonal skills, resilience and many more.

Student Leadership Team Information


Role Descriptions - Senior Student Leadership Team

Head Boy/Girl and Deputies

You are the student face of the school, the role models for all, and the voice and vision for the whole community. You will be responsible for managing teams of students and key parts of the Student Leadership Team within the school. This will include leading the student council meetings. You will need to be well organised and an excellent leader, able to clearly outline their vision for school development. Someone with a creative mind and the strength to enforce new ideas will be essential. As Head Boy/Girl or a Deputy you will need to lead and speak at events and co-ordinate duties for the rest of the student leaders. By bringing together the whole of the Student Leadership Team you will ensure that the school flourishes and becomes the best.

Community and Wellbeing Leaders

We want all students to be happy and be successful, therefore student wellbeing is extremely important. As an ambassador in this area, your responsibility would be to promote wellbeing activities, lead focus groups and support other students. You would be a key person of contact and a representative for the student body to ensure the wellbeing needs of the school community is catered for. You will be able to bring ideas and proposals to the student council and be the heart of emotional and physical wellbeing for students. You will need to be compassionate, driven and an excellent communicator to fulfil this role. Our work with the wider community is vital- we are a major presence and influence for our local area. With your team, you would lead on projects for community change and improvements as well as representing the school at various events.

Coaching and Mentoring Leaders

There are many areas of school life and one of the most important areas is the development, progress and academic achievements of students. This will be your focus and area of responsibility. There will be vast numbers of opportunities for you to coach/mentor students academically and improve your skills in this area. You will be responsible for supporting departments as well as students and you are the student leaders who will drive the progress and improvements in many areas across the school. To ensure that you can thrive in this role, you must be passionate about supporting others to succeed, being a positive role model for all students and committed to top level of academic success for all.

Extended Student Leadership Team

Form Group Representatives

Form Group Representatives are a crucial part of the Student Leadership Team and provide a vital link between students of all year groups to the Senior Student Leadership Team and the staff here at the Academy. It is their duty to listen to and feedback the information, questions and concerns that our students have, in a platform that is safe and will ensure their voices are heard.

As well as gaining vast amounts of leadership experience Form Reps are awarded with huge responsibilities across the Academy and given the chance to develop many of the skills that employers are looking for, including; communication skills, leadership, team working and many more.

We hope you take on this fantastic opportunity to develop yourself and make a difference to our local and wider community.


What people say about us:

"Thank you, we are extremely grateful for the staff's time and efforts to organise all the community events you host."

"Bexhill Academy is a great school that listens to parents and takes appropriate action."

"I love going to school here, the staff are great and I get lots of opportunities to do things I am good at."

"An amazing supportive school! "

"Great support from the school to get our kids through their exams. Really going above and beyond. "

"Thank you to all of the staff who have put on after-school or extra revision sessions. They have been really beneficial. The commitment to support students get through their GCSEs is amazing!"