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Scholarship Programme

Scholarships at Bexhill Academy are a unique and prestigious opportunity for students who demonstrate notable talent, ability, and passion for a specific area.

Our Scholars are rewarded with outstanding opportunities and responsibilities to ensure that these talents, abilities, and passions are celebrated and fostered to grow and excel. These include exclusive trips and visits to universities, industry, theatre, music and sporting events as well as mentoring and coaching by expert staff and external experts.

Work experience with some of the leading local and national companies can be arranged and there are plenty of opportunities to take additional courses and qualifications in your Scholarship area. All of this and much more will ensure that you are taking the first steps towards future greatness.

This year we are offering Scholarships in; Art, Cricket, Dance, Drama, English, Maths, Music, Sport and STEM.

If you believe you have the passion and commitment to be the best in one of these areas, we want to hear from you.

Please have a look at our Scholarship brochure for more information.

Further information

If you have any questions or would like any further information, please contact:

What people say about us:

"Thank you, we are extremely grateful for the staff's time and efforts to organise all the community events you host."

"Bexhill Academy is a great school that listens to parents and takes appropriate action."

"I love going to school here, the staff are great and I get lots of opportunities to do things I am good at."

"An amazing supportive school! "

"Great support from the school to get our kids through their exams. Really going above and beyond. "

"Thank you to all of the staff who have put on after-school or extra revision sessions. They have been really beneficial. The commitment to support students get through their GCSEs is amazing!"