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Bexhill Academy Library

The Library at Bexhill Academy is an essential hub of the school, providing students with a wealth of resources and a calm, peaceful environment. From the early hours of the morning until late in the afternoon, students can be seen utilising the Library's facilities to their fullest potential. During break and lunchtime, students flock to the Library to read, access computers, or challenge their peers to a game of chess.

After school, the Library transforms into a space for Independent Study, providing students with a quiet place to complete their homework between 3:00-4.00 pm, Monday to Thursday. The Library also offers a range of Revision Study Guides for certain subjects, as well as stationery at minimal cost.

The Librarian at Bexhill Academy has various duties within the Library to help maintain order and assist students with book loans. They are always available to help students navigate the Library's resources and find the right materials for their studies.

Overall, the Library at Bexhill Academy is a vital part of the school community, and its expectations are well understood by all students. By following these expectations, students help create a pleasant space for everyone to enjoy.

Accelerated Reader

Quizzes are via Accelerated reader (orange square)

Accelerated Reader

All Lowercase

User name : first letter of first name, 4 letters of surname.

Password Year 7: 7abc 

Password Year 8: 8abc

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Accelerated Reader


Our On-Line Library

All students have access to Wheelers Online Library. 

To sign in, they just need their computer login as their username - i.e. the year they started at Bexhill Academy + the first three letters of the first name and the first three letters of the surname. As an example, for a Year 7 who started in September 2019, the username would be 19amysmi

The password is: books1

Students can browse and borrow books with ease.

Please contact our Library Manager, Mrs Mckay: if you have any questions.

On-Line Library

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