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Student Attendance at Bexhill Academy

The Academy starts at 8.30am and ends at 3pm daily. The academy day is 6.5 hours in length and the week is 32.5 hours in length.

  • The student entry gates to the academy close at 08:30. Any student arriving after this must sign in with the Pastoral Manager who will then let them in at the gate.
  • Any Student that arrives late (after 08:30 but before 8:40), will be met by the Pastoral Team who will record their name and form group. They will then go to their first lesson.
  • Students arriving to school after 08:40 are required to sign in at Reception as the student entry gate will be closed and locked. Sanctions will be implemented accordingly.
  • Bexhill Academy request that all parents/carers call the academy on the first day of a student's absence and must, by law, provide a written explanation of the absence upon their child’s return to school.
  • For the benefit of their education and progression, students absences during term time will not be authorised. Parents must discuss any exceptional circumstances with the Executive Principal.
  • Bexhill Academy will refer to the behaviour policy and implement relevant sanctions for students who arrive late.

Mr J Bayliss,  Attendance Officer:
Mr P Degg,  Educational Welfare Officer

Attendance at Bexhill Academy

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