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Since 2009 Miss Baker has been recording any officially timed school athletics records.

These records cover 11 different events for boys in years 7, 8, 9 & 10 boys and the same for the girls.

We currently have a total of 88 records and the best/oldest ones still stand from 2011.

At Town Sports on Friday 21 June 2019, 27 of these records were broken, highlighting the calibre of some of our current students.

An extra special mention for these students that broke 2 records in 1 day:

Ellis Ridgeway 100m 12.08s and 200m 25.30s

Ewan Teague 100m 12.04s and 200m 25.70s

Darcy Laing 200m 29.92s and triple jump 8.70m

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