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Welcome to Bexhill Academy's SEND information page. We are proud to be a comprehensive, inclusive school. Students come to us with a wide range of abilities and skill-sets, and we celebrate the achievements and progress of all. We make every effort to meet the needs of students who require additional support with their academic or social development and are proud of our reputation for successful SEND provision.

The SEND Code of Practice (2014), Children and Families Act(2014), Equality Act (2010) and advice for schools DfE (2013) inform our practice at Bexhill Academy for students with special educational needs and disabilities. We fully recognise our legal responsibility regarding the education of children with special educational needs and follow set procedures for assessment, target setting, provision and review of progress. The school’s SEND policy directs the work of all staff working at Bexhill Academy ensuring all students are fully included in the life of the school and are supported to achieve their potential.

Our SENCO at Bexhill Academy is Mrs Lucy Culshaw - 01424 730722 ext 2264 email:

Sara Attwood is our SEND Governor 

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The LINK (Learn, Inspire, Nurture & Kindness) at Bexhill Academy

Information and useful guides for parent/carers and students can be found here.

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Welcome to the Team

Ms Jan Phillips : Lead Communication and Interaction Teaching Assistant

My name is Jan Phillips and I am the Speech and Language Leader within the SEND Department. I run a speech and language intervention that teaches the students all about the knowledge of the spoken English language. This includes listening activities, formal and informal talking and giving and following instructions. The sessions support students in developing communication skills and improving their understanding of spoken language. This work helps students gain confidence and further improve their progress throughout school, college and their working life.

Mandy Clifford : Lead Intervention Tutor SEMH and Nurture

I aim to provide a consistent and safe base in the school Nurture Room for students experiencing SEMH difficulties with a focus on the 6 Principles of Nurture.

Apart from running the daily Y7 Nurture group which supports identified students to transition from the primary to the secondary school environment, I also run weekly programme's of support and workshops for students struggling with high levels of anxiety, difficulties with self-regulation and difficulties with making and maintaining positive peer relationships.

Cathy Wilson : Lead TeachingAssistant for Sensory and Physical Needs

My role as a TA for Physical and Sensory Needs involves Liaising with Physiotherapists, OT’s and parents to help support students with their individual needs. I implement Physio programme's and check that students have appropriate seating arrangements and equipment. I complete Sensory Checklists with students to see if there is any extra support they might need. I also update  student Passports with any relevant information to inform teaching staff of any changes in a student’s needs. I run a Sensory Circuit at Tutor time for a small group of students with Sensory issues which enables them to relieve any anxiety, to help with their gross and fine movement control,  and help them to focus and feel fabulous for the remains of the day.

Cara Watkins : Lead Teaching Assistant for Cognition and Learning

I am Cara Watkins

I began my career as a sick children’s’ nurse, working in research, as a nursing advisor in Thailand and in neonatal intensive care. When my children were young I trained to teach working first at Bexhill College, then coming to Bexhill Academy to support my son, who was on the autistic/ADHD spectrum. He has left but I have stayed on to teach numeracy and literacy.

English as Additional Language (EAL)