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18th November2022




Dear Parents and Carers,


I attended the inspirational final day of the Future Ready Programme for a number of our Year 9 students on Wednesday. Students were exceptionally brave, responsible and making impressive steps at self-reflection and goal setting. Many adults would struggle with the challenges set and I was very proud of every student. I loved listening to their commendations for their coaches and the range of goals set by them which included:


- to appreciate what my parents do for me because I hadn’t given it much thought before or understood what they do for me everyday

- to value the opportunities I have to make my future life better and put more effort into my education

- to be kinder to teachers and the staff because they have my best interests at heart

- to set myself personal goals and challenges.


There were so many more expressions from these fabulous young people and I was really moved. We all were and everyone was so supportive of each other. It was the very best version of each young person and I know that each parent or carer of those children would have been moved too.


It is our mission to give every child the skills, attitudes and opportunities to allow them to grow, mature and be aspirational for themselves. We need you right beside us coaching them from the side-lines. Let’s make sure we stand beside your child united to encourage them to grow and flourish.


Is uniform really important? Are we being draconian expecting students to have high standards in dress, behaviour and language? As the adults we know how every advantage in an ever changing job market is vital. Bexhill staff are united in wanting every student to flourish and be set well for life. This includes proper dress and uniform. Respectful behaviour and high aspirations. If children don’t respect or follow rules they are not well prepared for adult life and employment. If they don’t attend regularly, they are seriously disadvantaged as they will not have the knowledge and skills to pass important exams that provide wider opportunities.


We won’t lower our expectations. Uniform is important. Respecting self and others is important. Strong attendance is important. You are disadvantaging your child and making it harder for them to succeed in life if you don’t support basic expectations and habits for life. Thank you sincerely for your overwhelming support and the encouragement you give to me personally and to staff across the Academy.


We have received items of uniform for students to review and comment on. Girls’ school skirts are being reviewed as we are concerned that girls are rolling the current skirt and too many showing upper thighs. This is not decent. I am not a prude. The uniform policy is clear regarding skirt length being knee length. Students have also requested we consider a polo shirt for summer wear and this is another item we are also consulting on. I will ask students to feed back to you in a future update once they have advised and made their recommendations and we would like your views also.


Finally, I have included some images of the whole Academy Remembrance Service of respect last week so that you can see how amazing every student was. I hope you are as proud of their maturity as we are.


Have a warm and dry weekend, stay safe!



Catherine Davies

Executive Principal

MA, MBA, BA (Hons), NPQH

Contacting the Academy

If you need to report your child absent please phone 730722 – option one and leave a message, oralternatively send a FREE text to 07537436325 before 8.30am




Catherine Davies - Executive Principal

MA, MBA, BA (Hons), NPQH