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ACADEMY UPDATE 11 - 26 November 2021

Dear Parents and Carers

As you will have heard from the news and media, Covid is on the increase in many areas and there is talk of a new strain.  Our Local Authority advises that students should wear masks in communal areas (stairwells, balconies and Heart space) from Monday. We are supporting this recommendation but cannot provide students with masks daily and ask that you send them in with your child as part of their uniform. This was most successful last time. 

Should students attending Bexhill Academy be able to stand with the best students nationally? The answer is a resounding YES!

There has been an exciting shift in student aspirations and we are finding huge interest in the Scholarship Awards, STEM and wider careers and apprenticeships. As part of this high aspiration, I really need to promote the EBAcc qualification. This is not a separate exam but students gain this prestigious qualification that is considered the 'Gold Standard' in education by taking a collection of subjects considered to be an excellent preparation for future studies at university or college. In fact some universities will not accept applications from students who have not studied a language to GCSE. The EBAcc consists of English, Maths and Science (compulsory for all students at GCSE) alongside the study of a humanities subject and a language. In the past we have let students choose and decide - this is still the case. However, I will be writing to parents of students in Year 9 early next year if I feel that your child is capable of studying for this 'Gold Standard' prestigious award so that we can have meaningful discussions about their future. It is important that our students have every advantage as they will be competing alongside students who have this award. We are proud of our EBAcc offer, giving students the choice of History or Geography in humanities, French, Spanish or Latin in languages and the additional option of Computer Science.

There is a real buzz and excitement around the Academy again this week.  Auditions are being invited for our musical ‘Matilda’ and I look forward to seeing the production come together and develop in the coming weeks.

So lovely to sit down and chat to the parents who attended the open door drop-in this week on Tuesday evening. Always a pleasure to meet parents or carers and work together for the benefit of our children. However, please continue to contact us if you have the need at any time as we like to respond as soon as possible if you have a query regarding your child. 

We had a visit yesterday from the East Sussex Director of Education Elizabeth Funge who was taken on a tour of the Academy, visited lessons, spoke to students and then updated us on exciting developments happening in East Sussex. She commented on how calm and purposeful it was in lessons as she saw students across a variety of subjects showing high engagement and interest in aiming high and doing well.

Attendance remains an essential priority. Unfortunately, we are having to take action when students are routinely being allowed to miss excessive time from school. As a parent or carer, one of our main priorities is to prepare our children for success in the future and it really starts today. They won't be successful in employment if they regularly don't turn up for work. Getting a great education, including manners, respect for self and others is essential. Please work with us in ensuring that your child attends school every day with all equipment, uniform and if possible a positive attitude (I know teenagers can be moody!). Your child is every bit as important as every other child in the country and needs to be educated and have strong habits for future employability.

After a highly successful turnout to the Year 10 Parents’ Evening last night, with lots of positive discussions, we look forward to the next Parents’ Evening for our Year 11s on Thursday 9th December.

Many trees going up, I believe from conversations with students, and the joy of the season is clearly growing. The response to the Shoebox Appeal is fabulous so do keep them coming, so that we can do our bit to bring joy and happiness to children who are not as fortunate.

Have a relaxing and safe weekend.

Please see the full letter: www.bexhillacademy.org/parents/2021-22-copies-of-letters-home

Warmest Wishes

Catherine Davies - Executive Principal

MA, MBA, BA (Hons), NPQH