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13th May 2022




We are well into the exam season now and well done to Y10for how they have conducted themselves during their first set of mocks done under GCSE exam conditions. Speaking to some of the students this week I have been struck by how mature and committed they are but also how anxious about their future and why exams and grades are important. The reason for mentioning this is because as a seasoned Headteacher, it really reminded me of the vulnerabilities of each one our young people and how much the covid fears and disruptions have and do continue to affect them.

Students mask their fears and worries and sometimes present  challenging or even happy front to mask the real fears underneath. It is around this time we especially remember our student Bailey and use his memory daily to remind ourselves of how precious every one of our fabulous young people are. Kindness, listening, understanding and giving children our time is so precious. We actually do know everything that goes on in their minds and it is so incredibly important that we all work totally united to surround them with care and self believe.

As a parent when we looked for the first time into the eyes of our new born, that swell of love and protection is overwhelming. We are like s in defence and protection of our children – our most precious gifts. I include foster carers here and we have so many exceptional examples of carers who parent but have not given birth. I assure you we are always on the same side – surrounding your child with support to develop the skills and qualities to succeed.

We value your support especially when we have to make difficult decisions about your child’s behaviour. As parents and guardians, we are not always proud of the behaviours our children display but nevertheless, want the best outcome for them.

Year group Identity: School ties

As you are aware we moved from houses to year groups for students during the covid pandemic. Students and staff have started to create areal identity for each year group. There is a real sense of competition and pride with students and staff associated with the different year groups which we are seeking to encourage and develop further. To enhance and develop this sense of identity for the students we are exploring the opportunity to have year group ties for students. We are consulting with students on this and would be looking at a phased approach our new Year 7 first. Once all avenues have been explored, we will update all parties involved. Watch this space!

Warmest wishes,


Catherine Davies

Executive Principal

MA, MBA, BA (Hons), NPQH

Catherine Davies - Executive Principal

MA, MBA, BA (Hons), NPQH