2021 - Term 6 - Year 6 Transition


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Transition Update

As you are aware there has been a rise in Covid cases in the local community and that the Government have delayed moving to stage 4 of the Covid road map. Our plans to bring all of our primary schools in to the Bexhill Academy community can no longer be pursued. We have therefore reviewed our plans in light of the Covid restrictions that are now still currently in place.

Next plan of action for transition:

Our new plan is that, instead of students coming to Bexhill Academy for transition lessons and mixing bubbles within the school, staff from Bexhill Academy will visit individual primary schools to teach a taster of a variety of lessons.  A member of the team will teach and deliver one lesson of History, one lesson on Google Classroom and help students to complete their tutor information passport. We hope that this will give your child an understanding of what to expect at secondary school and a chance to meet some of the staff. In addition a member of the English team will bring books that students have ordered and demonstrate a session on literacy and reading. The purpose of this session is to ensure the excellent work the primaries have done regarding reading and literacy is continued into secondary school. Reading and literacy is essential. In order for young people to reach their potential and achieve their high aspirations reading and literacy has to be a high priority. This is a core focus for all our lessons at secondary school.

The lessons that we had planned to share and deliver with our year 6s are now being adapted and uploaded to Google Classroom so students can experience our subjects and meet some of the staff via Loom too.  Loom is the platform that we use to video lessons and give tuition to our students remotely. We are aware this is not as effective as face to face but it is a solution to the challenge we face in the current circumstances.  Students will receive a lesson on Google Classroom.  Mr Walton (our transition co-coordinator and deputy Senco) will lead on this session with the year 6 students in their schools.  Students will be able to access Google Classroom at home once this tuition has taken place and they have been given their login details.  This will support their transition period over the summer holidays. In addition to this we will be providing students with a challenge booklet to complete over the summer break which includes information on every subject they are taught at Key Stage 3. We are looking for fantastic enthusiastic learners to complete work in the booklets, more information will follow when the booklet is released to students. There will be plenty of rewards available for students to achieve.

Meeting staff

We understand one of the main concerns students and parents have is that they have not had an opportunity to meet staff or enter the building. Frequently getting lost is a huge concern for many of our year 6 students! To alleviate this we are inviting one parent or carer and one child to come to Bexhill Academy on the dates and times outlined below to have a look round. This date will coincide with the visit from Bexhill Academy to your child’s school. Tea and coffee will be available and a chance to meet staff and hopefully their tutors where possible. We will give out the parent booklet and any information you need to complete it. If you do not wish to attend we will post the information home.  We hope by us visiting your child’s primary school in the morning, then you visiting Bexhill Academy with your child afterschool it will feel like a transition day and help to alleviate any concerns and give us an opportunity to answer any questions you may have.

Week one

·        3.30pm-4.30pm Tuesday 6th July –St. Peter and St. Paul C of E Primary School

·        3.30pm-4.30pm  Thursday 8th July - Little Common Primary School   

·        3.30pm-4.30pm  Friday 9th July – Pebsham Primary Academy 

Week two

 ·        3.30pm-4.30pm  Monday 12th July – Glenleigh Park Primary Academy

·        3.30pm-4.30pm  Wednesday 14th July – King Offa Primary Academy 

·        3.30pm-4.30pm  Thursday 15th July – All Saints Primary Academy 

·        3.30pm-4.30pm  Friday 16th July - Chantry Primary School

Covid Protocols

If you do chose to visit the school with your child you must follow the following Covid protocols.

·        You must attend on the day you have been invited to protect the bubbles

·        Students and parents will be expected to wear a mask unless you are exempt, please bring your lanyard.

·        Please sanitise hands on your way into the building,

·        Follow the one way system protocols

·        maintain social distancing from persons not relating to your family

·        Do not come to the school before 3.25pm

·        Please note there are limited car parking available on the site

The visit

You will be given a tour by student leaders and staff. There will be access to some classrooms but most importantly you will be able to seethe layout of the school in full. There will be an opportunity at the end of your tour to have some self-service light refreshments and meet with staff and tutors. During this visit after school we will also be giving you your parent and carer guide booklet which contains additional information on the school and its procedures. I enclose a uniform list within this letter. Your child’s tutor will contact you via letter to introduce themselves, they will also upload a Loom video so your child can see their tutor and know what they look like before starting school. In addition we are creating a Loom video which gives you a tour of the school by our Head of year 7, Mr Wilkinson, our assistant principal, Mr Tumi who oversees Year 7 and our pastoral manager for year 7, Mrs Austin.

Our start of term for Year 7 will be 2 September 2021. This will only be for Year 7 to assist with their transition.

We very much look forward to meeting you and your child.

Yours sincerely

Eleanore Gordon

Vice Principal