2021 - Term 6 - Reminder of Uniform and Equipment Expectations


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Uniform Essentials:

  • Correct navy Trousers: 
  • no jeggings
  • leggings or skinny tight trousers
  • Pleated Bexhill Academy logo skirt
  • Blazer
  • School formal shirt
  • House tie
  • Ankle length socks (no knee high socks permitted)
  • Black or navy tights with no over the knee length
  • Black leather shoes (black trainers and boots are not acceptable)
  • PE kit: shorts, polo top, trainers


  • No Facial piercing
  • 1 small studded earring in each ear
  • No rings
  • No bracelets
  • No false eye lashes
  • No false / acrylic nails
  • No unnatural hair colour – no blue, red, green, yellow - only natural colours
  • No heavy obvious makeup – should look natural
  • No extreme haircuts – cuts in hair with logos or stripes

Daily equipment:

  • Black/blue pens (bring a few to school in case they run out),  Pencil case with pencils, eraser and ruler
  • To bring in subject work books for each lesson
  • School bag: KS3 school logo bag

If students fail to have a pen in lessons teachers will log a step 1 warning with 5 step 1s leading to a 1 hour detention after school. Pens can be purchased during the day from the library before, during break/lunch or after school.

Please can you check your child is following the expectations as listed above, and ensure that when they are next in school that any issues are corrected. Students will be expected to follow all expectations but if they fail to maintain them for issues such as facial piercings, unnatural hair colourings, false nails and eyelashes they will be placed in learning recovery where work will be provided until the issue is resolved.