2021 - Bexhill Academy – Results Day : Press Release


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What a delightful set of results for students today who saw their tremendous efforts rewarded. We are so very proud of every student of Class 2021 because they have achieved in so many ways overcoming the toughest year and a half of pandemic learning. GCSE results are just a small measure of their many widespread achievements. Staff stood with students today to congratulate each of them as they made the transition of opening an envelope that marked their transition into adulthood and opened doors for their future. We are all extremely proud of how they have conducted themselves, shown huge resilience and are pleased that the grades awarded will launch them forwards to the next exciting phase of their future success.


We salute and commend every one of our students for their individual achievements over their time with us and the bonds we have formed as a community during these unprecedented times will forever be remembered.  Every grade was formed from effort, google classroom, lockdown and bubble learning experiences and demonstrates a wide range of life skills that set them in good stead to navigate the unknown waters of the future.


Bexhill Academy welcomed back its Year 11 today to celebrate their excellent GCSE results. After an unprecedented summer patiently waiting, students received just rewards for hard work and endeavor during their time at the school. Students this year were unable to sit public exams due to the pandemic but Teacher Assessed Grades represented their ability and commitment to their GCSE subjects. These grades are well deserved and evidence based with stringent in school tests, moderation and external checks made by the exam board to ensure sound procedures and accuracy.


There were a number of incredible individual success stories including, Hannah Mitchell who achieved seven Grade 9’s, India Rowe with six grade 9’s and three 8’s, Theo Marascu with five grade 9’s, 4 of which are in 4 different languages and Korneliusz Hes with three grade 9’s and 3 eights. 


They were a fabulous year group, made up of unique and wonderful individuals who rose to the challenges and changes of the pandemic and faced it head on with maturity and determination. We have been really impressed with the resilience and positive attitude the students have had over the last few months with both the pandemic and the unprecedented focus on the 2021 GCSE’s. We would like to thank staff and parents who have supported the students through their time at Bexhill Academy and wish our students every success in the next stage of their journey and look forward to hearing about all of their future endeavors.


Catherine Davies

Executive Principal