2021-22 - Term 2 - SEEN Research Project


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2021-22 - Term 2 - SEEN Research Project

In partnership with Kindred2, SEEN is a research project to develop and pilot curriculum for Key Stage 3 pupils. It aims to embed the key principles of early child development and neuroscience for young people. Bexhill Academy was one of the 21 schools that took part in the pilot project.

Why teach early child development?

Pregnancy and the first two years of life can profoundly impact a child’s long term health, learning and emotional well-being.

The SEEN project seeks to educate the wider community about this so that when people become parents or caregivers they know that their interactions with their baby/toddler are vitally important.

The work we did and reported back to SEEN has resulted in the project being rolled out more widely with over 100 schools expressing an interest in adopting the lessons.

Dr Bradley Springett, Teacher of Science, met with correspondents from the BBC recently to discuss our participation in the project - please see the report here, including some quotes from students at Bexhill Academy:


Our student voices are also featured in the radio segment on 5live Drive: https://www.bbc.co.uk/sounds/play/m0011rpn (starts from 18:34 mins in).