2021-22 Term 1 - September LFT Schedule and Reminders


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In September we will stagger Lateral Flow Devise Testing across 2 days. This will help us to avoid over mixing of student groups before we have results from the first LFD tests.

·        Thursday 2 September – We will LFD test Year 7 and Year 11. Year 8, 9 and 10 stay at home.

·        Friday 3 September – We will LFD test Year 8, 9 and Year 10 and we also hold an Induction Day for all Year 7 (Year 11 stay at home)

·        Monday 6 September – Lessons begin for all year groups.

For the first test, students attend school in their school uniform at the agreed time to do their LFD Test. Students will test and go, Year 7 will be first between 8.30 and 12.30 on Thursday 2 September. The new Year tutors will be on hand to support this process and parents can wait for students just outside the gates should they wish to.    Year 11 will be tested from 1.00pm onwards.  On Friday 3 September Year 10 testing will start at 8.30am, Year 9 at 10.30am and Year 8 at 1.00pm. A specific time for your child will follow in due course.

The second on-site test will take place in the following week, Monday – Friday 6-10 September from 2-4pm. 

Monday - Year 11 

Tuesday - Year 7 

Wednesday - Year 10 

Thursday - Year 9 

Friday - Year 8 

From Monday 6 September 2021 start and finishing times are: All year groups start at 8.30am – students use the entrance next to Reception. KS3 finish at 2.50pm, KS4 finish at 3pm.

Period 6 for Year 11 will start on Monday 13 September 2021. 

KS3 – which includes Year 7, 8 and 9 are Blue shirts.  KS4 - Year 10 and 11 only are White.