Mental Health and Emotional Well-Being

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At Bexhill Academy, we believe in promoting positive mental health and emotional wellbeing. Prioritising the wellbeing of students and staff ensures that outstanding teaching and learning can take place, and that the school is a community where everyone feels able to thrive. 


Bexhill Academy students work with a number of role models and organisations who represent wider society. We work collaboratively with a range of national and international groups - Stonewall, Young Minds and Time to Change to name but a few. Students benefit enormously from the involvement of these organisations and people.

Mental Health and Autism 

Molehill Mountain is an app to help autistic people understand and self-manage anxiety.

You can use Molehill Mountain to explore the causes and symptoms of anxiety.

  • Track your worries and the situations that trigger anxiety.
  • Get evidence-based daily tips to understand more about anxiety.
  • Feel more confident to self-manage anxiety.

Support for Students and Parents/Carers at Bexhill Academy

The academy runs mental health first aid drop in sessions during lunch times.

The drop in sessions are there for students to come and have a chat about any general concerns or worries, relating to anything school/home etc. They will be offered strategies and support to help them manage their emotions, and if required further referrals can be made.

There is also an email address available that all students, parents and staff can access to raise any concerns.

If you have any questions or concerns relating to mental health. Please email                                                                                                                                                                                                                            

IMPORTANT – If you have any safeguarding concerns – please use the email 

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