2019 - Year 10 Parents Evening and End of Year Exams - Students


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We warmly invite you to attend the Year 10 Parents/Carers’ teacher consultation evening on Thursday, 6 June 2019 from 4.00pm to 7.30pm. 

This evening will allow you to meet the individual staff who teach your child, to discuss progress and ways forward for success. The evening will run from 4pm to 7.30pm and your child will be making appointments on your behalf. Students will be given appointment cards on Monday 20 May 2019. Please discuss this evening with your child and the most appropriate time period for appointments. The AEN (Additional Educational Needs) department will also be available for consultations - they will contact parents individually.  Mrs Phillips, the Exams Officer, will be available on the night to answer all exam related queries.

 If you are unable to attend the evening, please contact your child’s Pastoral Manager.


From the 17 June, a series of ‘end of year’ exams will be taking place.  These will enable students to show exactly what they have achieved this academic year and for staff to know their strengths and weaknesses. (These are not to be confused with the one GCSE your child is taking this May/June).

The exams in the Core subjects of Maths, English and Science will be conducted under strict exam conditions in the Sports Hall.   The schedule for the Core exams is as follows:

Monday 17 June - Maths P1 non-calculator - P1/2 - 1h 30m         

Biology - P3/4 - 1h15m  Combined Science - 1h 45m Triple  

Tuesday 18 June - English Language - P3/4 - 1h 45m

Wednesday 19 June - Math P3-Calculator - P1/2 - 1h 30m             

Chemistry - P3/4 - 1h 15m Combined Science/1h 45m Triple

Thursday 20 June - English Literature - P1/2 - 1h 30m              

Physics-Triple only - P3/4 - 1h 45m          

In order to help prepare for these exams, the Directors of the Core subjects have put together the following help/advice, which will be made clearer through an assembly, in class and indeed during the parent/carers’ evening:


Exam, Key topics in the exam, Maths Non calculator, PLEASE SEE BELOW. Maths calculator, PLEASE SEE BELOW, Departmental Revision Intervention: Maths – Wednesday 12 June 2.50 – 4pm


Exam, Key focus in the exam, English Language, Language paper 2 – Non Fiction paper, English Literature, Merchant of Venice and An Inspector Calls, Departmental Revision Intervention: Tuesday 11 June 3pm-3.45pm


Exam, Key topics in the exam, Science Combined Biology, 4.1 Cell Biology; 4.2 Organisation; 4.3 Infection & Response; 4.4 Bioenergetics, Science Combined Chemistry, 5.1 Atoms & Periodic Table; 5.2 Bonding, Structure & Properties; 5.3 Quantitative Chemistry; 5.4 Chemical Changes; 5.5 Energy Changes, Science Triple Biology, 4.1 Cell Biology; 4.2 Organisation; 4.3 Infection & Response; 4.4 Bioenergetics, Science Triple Chemistry, 4.1 Atoms & Periodic Table; 4.2 Bonding, Structure & Properties; 4.3 Quantitative Chemistry; 4.4 Chemical Changes; 4.5 Energy Changes, Science Triple Physics, 4.1 Energy; 4.2 Electricity; 4.3 Particle Model of Matter; 4.4 Atomic Structure, Departmental Revision Intervention: Wednesday 5 June 2.50pm-3.30pm and Wednesday 12 June 2.50pm-3.30pm (Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Combined Biology, Combined Chemistry),  Sign-up sheets for these sessions (first come first served)

We wish all of our Year 10 the very best in both their Public GCSE exam this year and their end of year exams.

Mr P Mendela, VicePrincipal


Non Calculator topics

Product of Primes

Probability from a table

Real Life Graphs



Sampling Populations

Plans and Elevations

Estimating Calculations

Stem and Leaf Diagrams

Reverse Percentage Problems

Solving Equations

Factorising Quadratic Expressions

Rearranging Formulae

Evaluating Complex Indices

Ratio Problems

Using and Applying Algebra

Algebraic Proof

Direct  / Inverse Proportion

Circle Theorems

Estimating Gradient of a curve

MDV Problems

Volume of a prism

Manipulating Surds

Interpreting complex graphs (circles)

Calculator Topics

Inequalities on a number line

Nth term, sequences

Frequency Polygons

Currency exchange problems

HCF / LCM Problems

Compound Measures (FPA)

Cubic Graphs

Std Form Calculations

Interpreting Cumulative Frequency Graphs

Using and Applying Ratio

Calculating Mean

Probability Trees

Percentage Increase

Adv Trig ( Non RAT)

Area / Volume of Similar Shapes

Calculations with Bounds

Algebraic Fractions

Volume of Cone / Sphere

Transformations / Invariant Points

Trigonometric Graphs

Algebraic Proofs / Solving Quadratics



Non Calculator paper topics

Ordering Decimals

Fractions / Decimal / Percentage Conversion

Simplifying Fractions

Mode / Range of Discrete Data


Identifying Primes

Finding missing angles

Map Scales

Money Problems

Area / Perimeter problems


Estimating Measurements

Straight Line Graphs

Fraction Operations

Forming and Solving Equations

DST Problems

Product of Primes

Probability from a Table

Real Life Graphs

Rotations round a point



Plans and Elevations


Density Calculations

Solving Inequalities

Calculator paper topics

Rounding Numbers

FDP Conversion

Probability Scale

Time Problems


Interpreting Graphs

Area / Perimeter

Simplifying Algebra

Compass Constructions

Representing a quantity as a fraction

Stem and Leaf Diagrams

Angle Reasoning (Triangles)

Calculating with Fractions

Frequency Trees

Using Percentages

Calculator Usage

Inequalities on a number line

Sequences from nth term

Frequency Polygon

Currency Conversion Problem

LCM / HCF Problem

Using Formulae (PFA)

Using Ratio

Drawing cubic graphs

Simplifying algebra using multiplication / indices

Trigonometry to find sides / angles