Punctuality 15 January 2019 - Students


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Thank you to all of those parents/carers who ensure their children are ready for school on time. We appreciate the recent road works around the area have made many of your journeys into school a little more challenging than normal!

We are also impressed by the level of self-responsibility most of our students show by being on time, in full uniform and with appropriate equipment. Being punctual is, after all, an important life skill.

As you are aware, our lessons start at 8.30am, therefore students need to be inside their classrooms before then, ready to learn.

However, we still have a significant minority of students who arrive at or after 8.30am. This disrupts their learning and more importantly the learning of others in the classroom.

After running a trial day on Monday, 14 January, as from Monday, 28 January, all students who are late into school will gain an automatic detention (rather than the current behaviour points). This will take place at break time for 10 minutes and if missed will increase to 15 minutes at lunchtime. The detention will take place in the Dance Studio.

All students who arrive late will be expected to attend this detention without a reminder.

We thank you for your on-going support.

Mr P Mendela, Vice Principal