Sociology GCSE - Legacy and New Spec

Sociology GCSE

Subject: Sociology - Legacy

Delivery: - From:   September 2016   To: June 2018

Exam Board and Code: AQA

QAN code: 41901

Assessment Overview: 

Type                      % of total        Time                            When? (Public Exam or suggested Centre Controlled)        Paper Theme                                      

Unit One (41901)     50%                1 hour 30 minutes          May/June 2017 by public examination                                Studying - Society; Education; Families   


Unit Two (41901)    50%                 1 hour 30 minutes          May/June 2017 by public examination                                Studying - Crime and Deviance; Mass Media; Social Stratification and Inequality                                                                   

Notes (Topics, marks etc.) - Relevant to both Units One and Two

90 marks in total

3 compulsory topic areas

Topic 1 – Candidates answer all questions

Topic 2 and 3- Candidates answer 6 compulsory questions and 1 question from a choice of 2


Other notes:  Last year of Spec first teaching with first teaching in the new format to take place in 2017

Paper                1  Unit 1 – Studying  Society; Education; Families                                                                          

Notes                Will be necessary to ensure that all students have the necessary basic numeracy skills to interpret data as presented as this takes many forms. Focus on higher level thinking skills in order to answer the large 12 mark – ‘To what  extent’ question at the end of every unit 1 paper.  


Paper                2 Unit 2  - Crime and Deviance, Mass Media, Social Inequality 

Notes                Currently planning to cover these three areas. If possible next year I will start Crime and Deviance at the end of July rather than at the start of September.

Topic Planner 2016-17

Term                                Topic

1                                       Studying Society –Sociology schools of thought /social structures/processes /issues

2                                       Studying Society – Research methods

3                                       Families

4                                       Families

5                                       Education

6                                       Education


Topic Planner 2017-2018

Term                                  Topic 

1                                         Crime and Deviance

2                                         Crime and Deviance/Social Inequality

3                                         Mass Media

4                                         Mass Media /Beginning of Revision programme

5                                         No new content delivered. Intensive review, revision and exam preparation programme

6                                         As above until date of public exam

Sub Topic Breakdown  

Topic:                  Unit One – Studying Sociology and Society                                                                     

Sub Topics/          What is Sociology?, Social Structures ,processes and issues, inequality, Power an authority, The research process, Primary and Secondary Data, Ethical Issues, Quantitative and Qualitative research, Observation    

                            Unit One - Family

Sub Topics/          Family Diversity in Britain today, different views of family, Changes in fertility and expectations in life, Marriage, cohabitation and divorce, Roles and authority relationships in the family, Issues and the family      

                            Unit One – Education  

Sub Topics/          Education as a political issue, Why do some students do better than others?  

                            Unit Two – Mass Media   

Sub Topics/          Definition of Mass Media, Relationship between media and audience, ’New’ mass media, Media as an agent of socialisation

                            Unit Two – Crime and Deviance 

 Sub Topics/         Difference between crime and deviance, The significance of crime and deviance for victims, communities and society, Usefulness for sociologists of different measures of crime, Different sociological explanations of criminal deviant behaviour, Conformity and crime, Social Distribution of crime, Contemporary debates about crime and deviance   

                            Unit Two - Power  

 Sub Topics/        Characteristics of Democracy in British Political Life, Opportunities for participation, Reasons for lack of participation and government response to this, Voting behaviour,  Interest group and decision making, Pressure groups, Welfare state, Government approach to social problems, The nature of power relationships in everyday situations such as the workplace, home, school and neighbourhoods. Relationship between research and matters of sociological debate and political controversy

                             Unit Two -

 Sub Topics/          Social Stratification, Class, status and life chances, class, Social Stratification and gender, ethnicity, age and religion, Role of wealth, income and power in social stratification, Defining and measuring poverty, Sociological explanations of poverty, Sociological debates about stratification.

Revision Strategy

  • Plenary of each lesson to inform the starter of the next so connections are continuously made and reinforced

  • AQA GCSE textbook (Nelson Thornes)  - ‘check your understanding’ tasks in each chapter

  • Key Question mini revision session bi –weekly

  • Termly topic revision session  - peer led and delivered

  • Use of GCSE Sociology for AQA: Revision Guide and Exam Practice Workbook (Collins GCSE Revision) Paperback  – 5 May 2010. Each student to be issued with own copy

  • Use questions from past papers to inform homework tasks.

  • Use of targeted interactive revision programmes

  • Final revision focus during last four weeks to be divided in to recapping Unit 1 from Year 9 and Year 10 work. Focus will be personalised according to mock exam and key assessment performance.

  • Twilight/holiday revision sessions to be offered from Easter onwards.

Sociology GCSE –New Specification

Delivery: -  From:   Sept 2017 To: June 2019

Exam Board and Code: AQA

QAN code:

Assessment Overview: 

 Paper 1: 

1 hour and 45 minutes 

100 marks - 50% of GCSE

Testing: Family, Education and Research Methods

Paper 2:

1 hour and 45 minutes

100 marks - 50% of GCSE

Testing:  Crime and deviance, Social Stratification and Research Methods

Topic Planner 2017-2018

Term                Topic

1                       Whatis Sociology and The Family

2                       TheFamily

3                     Education

4.                    Education

5.                    Crime and Deviance

6.                    Crime and Deviance       


Topic Planner 2017-2018

Term                Topic

1                       Sociological Theory and Research Methods

2                       Social Stratification

3                      Social Stratification       

4                       Revision and Exams

5                       Revision and Exams