Music - Legacy


Delivery: - From: September 2015 To: 2017 (This refers to the ) 2nd year of the course

Exam Board and Code: AQA

QAN code: 50046664

Assessment Overview:

Exam is worth 20% of the marks available and is based on the 3 strands : The Western Classical Tradition, Popular Music of the 20th & 21st Centuries and World Music. It lasts for 1 hour.

The remaining 80% of the GCSE is examined via coursework consisting of 2 compositions (20% each), a solo performance (20%) and an ensemble performance (20%)

Other notes:

  • KS4 enrichment – there will be opportunities throughout the year to take part in school performances. There will also be a trip to a musical/theatre at least twice a year.
  • Mock exam will be taken in term 2 along with a walking talking mock later in the year. Coursework will need to be finished by the end of term 4.

Topic planner (16-17) – Terminal Group (2nd year plan)

Topic                               Term

1                                      Performance – public performance preparation (Remembrance/Christmas)

2                                      Listening – set works and exam preparation – Mock Exam, completion of composition work

3                                      Performance – recordings of Solo and Ensemble performance complete

4                                      Compositions – final adjustments and recordings

5                                      Final exam preparation – past papers and revision guides