Graphic Products

Edexcel Graphic Products GCSE

The Edexcel GCSE in Design and Technology: Graphic Products is comprised of two units:

Unit 1:  Creative Design and Make Activities Unit code: 5GR01

This is internally assessed.

Overview of content

Students can either design and make one product or different products.

Students will develop skills in researching, designing, reviewing, planning, making and testing and evaluating.

Overview of assessment

This unit is internally assessed under controlled conditions.

Students must complete a design and make activity. These activities can be linked (combined design and make) or separate (design one product, manufacture another).

The academy will choose a task(s) from a range provided by Edexcel (available on Edexcel website at the start of each academic year).

These tasks can be contextualised to best suit academy circumstances.

All work, with the exception of research and preparation, must be done under informal supervision. Research and preparation may be completed under limited supervision.

Students need to complete their designing and making within 40 hours of informal supervision

Marking of task(s) will be carried out by teachers and moderated by Edexcel.

There are eight assessment criteria for designing, and five assessment criteria for making.

There are a total of 50 raw marks available for the designing and 50 raw marks available for the making.

The first submission of students’ work will be in 2014 and in each June series thereafter.

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