French GCSE - New Spec

French GCSE New Spec

Delivery:-  From: Sept 2016    To: June 2018

Exam Board and Code: Edexcel 1FR0 

QAN code:

Assessment Overview: 

  •  Listening and Understanding in French     25% of total qualification

    Terminal Exam, May 2018                            

    Foundation: 35 minutes                                Higher:45 minutes         

    Multiple choice and short answer open response questions based on a recording in French.

  •  Speaking in French                                    25% of total qualification

    Internally conducted, externally assessed; April 2018     

    Foundation: 7-9  minutes plus 12 minutes preparation time          Higher: 10-12 minutes plus 12 minutes preparation time

    Task 1 – a role play based on an allocated topic

    Task 2 – questions based on a picture stimulus

    Task 3 – conversation based on 2 themes, one chosen by the candidate and one allocated by the exam board.


  •  Reading and Understanding in French                                                  25%of total qualification

    Terminal exam, May 2018

    Foundation: 45 minutes                                                                                                Higher:1 hour

    Multiple choice and short answer openresponse questions based on a range or written texts in French.

  • Writing in French                                                                                            25%of total qualification

    Terminal exam, May 2018

    Foundation: 1 hour 10 minutes                                 

    Three open response questions and one shorttranslation into French                  

    Higher: 1 hour 20 minutes

    Two open response questions and onetranslation into French.

Topic Planner (2016-17)

Term                                  Topic

1                                        Qui suis-je?                         Who am I?                       (Theme: Identity and Culture)

2                                         Le temps des loisirs           Leisure time                     (Theme: Identity and Culture)

3                                         Jours de fête              Daily life and celebrations       (Theme: Identity and Culture)

4                                         De la ville à la champagne  Town & Country               (Theme: Local area, travel)

5                                         Le grand large                    Holidays                           (Theme: Local area, travel)

6                                         Au college                             School                           (Theme: School)


Topic Planner (2017-2018)

Term                                   Topic

1                                         Bon travail                        Jobs                                      (Theme: Future aspirations, study, work)

2                                         Le monde                          Environmental issues             (Theme: International and Global Dimension)

3                                         Recap and revision, speaking focus

4                                         Recap and revision, writing focus

5                                         Terminal exams