Food Technology GCSE - Legacy 2015-17

Food Technology GCSE 2015-17 Legacy

Subject: Design and Technology: Food Technology

Delivery: From:  September 2015   To: May2017

Exam Board and Code: WJEC  4090

QAN code: 500/4584/2

Assessment Overview: 

  • Unit 1: Written examination:
    2 hours duration.  40% of GCSE.  Testing theoretical knowledge of developing, planning and communicating ideas, product analysis, sustainability and legislative issues, Designers, commercial manufacturing practices, materials and components, tools, equipment and making, ICT/CAD/CAM,and systems and processes.               23rd May 2017                 

  • Unit 2: Food Task:
    Controlled Assessment:  60% of GCSE. (30 hours intotal)

  • Part A –Carry out an analysis of the problem, write a design specification, generate arange of ideas, develop a solution and produce the details of the final solution. (10 guided hours)

  • Part B –Plan the making process, carry out the making and evaluate project. (20 guided hours)   Start: 1st September 2016 - 10th February 2017

Other notes: 

Catch up sessions will be available after school. 

Topic Planner (2016-17)

Term                               Topic

1                                      Controlled Assessment

2                                      Controlled Assessment

3                                      Controlled Assessment

4                                      Revision topics

5                                      Preparation for written paper

6                                      NA