Computer Science - New Spec

Computer Science - New Spec

Subject: Computer Science

Delivery: - From: September 2016 To: 2018

Exam Board and Code: OCR GCSE (9-1) in Computer Science (J276)

QAN code: 6018355X

Assessment Overview:

  • Written paper. Computer systems: 80 marks, 1hr 30 min.  40% 2018 Summer exam series

  • Written paper. Computational thinking, algorithms & programming: 80 marks, 1hr30 min. 40% 2018 Summer exam series

  • NEA.Programming project: 40 marks 20hrs NEA 20% 2018 – Date TBA

 Other notes:

Close to existing specification in terms of content. Additional content includes ethical, legal, cultural and environmental concerns. The significant change is in assessment split between written examinations and controlled assessment work, now referred to as Non-Exam Assessment (NEA).

Assessment; Computer Systems, written paper, 40%; Computational thinking, written paper, 40%; NEA Programming project, 20%. New specification(s), including those below are an extension of the new KS3 Computing curriculum.

Topic planner   2016-2017

Term                 Topic

1                        Systems architecture, memory, Storage

2                        Wired and wireless networks, topologies, protocols & layers

3                        System security

4                        System software

5                        Translators & facilities of languages

6                        Data representation, algorithms, programming techniques

Topic Planner    2017-2018

Term                  Topic

1                        Producing robust programs

2                        Computational logic

3                        Analysis, design, development

4                        Testing, evaluation & conclusions + Ethical, legal, cultural & environmental concerns

5                        Revision