APEX Students

Gifted & Talented pupils at Bexhill Academy are called APEX. This is because we want them to be at the top, regarding their gifts & talents. It can also stand for“achieving personal excellence”. Ofsted suggests, of the best schools surveyed for their Gifted & Talented provision in schools that, “the needs of gifted and talented pupils were being met alongside those of all pupils. The schools which focused on progress for all pupils were more likely to plan lessons that challenged their gifted and talented pupils”. At Bexhill Academy we believe it is essential that all lessons provide high quality teaching for all students.

APEX students are identified by KS2 data (level 5 or above in both Mathematics and English). The register is updated annually and is shared across all learning areas to ensure all staff tailor work to the individual strengths of our APEX students.

Our policy is that every lesson will include an APEX challenge and also that every homework set will have an APEX challenge. The expectation is that identified APEX students will take the challenge, but we want all of our students to aspire to APEX and take up the APEX challenges, in both class and independently.

 Every department has a dedicated APEX Champion who is responsible for improving teaching and learning. In the first instance, subject specific questions should be directed to the classroom teacher; details can be found in the who’s who section of the website.

If you have any questions regarding the APEX policy, please do not hesitate to contact the Progress Leader for APEX

The Brilliant Club at Bexhill Academy

The Brilliant Club is an award winning non-profit organisation that exists to widen access to top universities for outstanding pupils. Bexhill Academy has taken part for the past two years with year 10 students. 58% of this year's cohort attained a 1st - against a National average of 18% - an exceptional achievement.

In The Scholars Programme, PhD tutors deliver programmes of university-style tutorials to small groups, which develop the knowledge, skills and ambition that help those pupils to secure places at highly-selective universities.

The Brilliant Club runs during the final summer term and students attend a tutorial each week, take part in an independent weekly session and work hard at home to complete the homework set. The final stage of the project is where the students submit a 2000 word dissertation on the project, which is marked using university grading.

Students also visit two highly-selective universities as part of the programme including Kings College, Royal Holloway and Sussex University.

The 2015-16 cohort worked with Phd student Brunthan Yoheswaran on the project “Keep Cool and Drive”, which investigated the maths and science behind electric motors and how they are designed to work as efficiently as possible.

During 2014-15 Dr Penny Lynch led the project and the year 10 mathematics students learnt about "Mossies, models, maths and malaria; Mathematical modelling of evolution and disease control."

Year 10 students who are interested in taking part in the project should speak their mathematics teacher about applying for a place.

Please see the Brilliant Club website for further information www.thebrilliantclub.org

Exemplar Work

To see some of our students exceptional work please visit: http://www.bexhillacademy.org/students/exemplar-work