Competitions and Challenges

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We have a very exciting and regularly changing selection of competitions and challenges for students to enter and participate in. These challenges are both fun as well as educational and cover a wide range of subject areas or interests.

We highly encourage students to take part in some of these to

  • enhance and broaden their learning
  • provide insights into the world of careers or further education
  • boost their CV
  • apply their skills and knowledge to the real world
As well as have the opportunity to win some fantastic prizes!

For further information on any of these, please contact Mr Tumi on:

CURRENT - UKMT Challenge

Maths and Problem Solving National and International competitions

CURRENT - Exciting STEM Challenge- Desert Island Risks

PREVIOUS - Computing Club Competition! (Prizes available)

This is a computing club competition for anyone that would like to join in (it is optional!)

Challenge: Create a poster on the history of computers. This can be done on paper (A4 and A3 paper is available from Mrs Morris in F11) or on the computer.

I am looking for: 

Interesting facts and information 

Great presentation and creativity

Images (hand drawn or from the internet is fine)

Make sure your full name and year group is on your poster as there will be prizes for the winners. You can hand them in to Mrs Morris in F11 or send them by email to  The deadline for handing in your posters is 11th June.

I look forward to seeing your creations. 

PREVIOUS - The Bright Ideas Challenge

A UK wide STEM project (sponsored by Shell) for students to pitch their ideas on how to make our cities greener and more energy efficient. 

PREVIOUS - Young Financial Journalist Competition

A Maths and English themed writing competition all about money! 

Cash prizes and the opportunity for your article to be published in the Financial Times.