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It is imperative that students continue their learning throughout the lock down.  Our remote learning provision is designed to support all students regardless of their access to technology at home and is supported by the overwhelming positive feedback received throughout the implementation and trialling of our approach last term.  Learning logs have been sent home to all students with a weekly overview of the work taught in the subjects and space to reflect on what learning has stuck with them.  

Remote learning provision

·        Lessons run on the school timetable. Teachers provide a PowerPoint, resources, additional links. 

·        Pre-recorded loom videos accompany every lesson and provide students with the opportunity to hear directly from their teachers. Students can pause and replay these videos. 

·        Students can ask their teacher questions during the school day. Teachers are logged into their Google Classrooms throughout the day and we encourage students to ask questions during their lesson time if they need additional help. 

·        Students hand their deep learning tasks by taking a photo of their book or attaching a document for their teachers to review.

·        Students reflect on their learning through weekly immediate feedback learning checks and complete their Learning logs with their parents. 

We expect all students to do their best when completing their online learning. Teachers will be rewarding work that meets the exceeding and excelling standards. We will also be following up missed remote learning. As a parent you can monitor the rewards and any missed learning daily using Class Charts. 

Live tutor times will support students in their learning and allow tutors to have meaningful learning conversations with their tutees. 

In addition to the weekly assessments we will be sending home a longer assessment close to the school holidays so we can gain a deeper understanding of the impact your child’s learning has made on their progress. 

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