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Uniform and Lesson Time


School Uniform

•             Compulsory navy blue blazer with burgundy trim and Academy badge

•             V-Neck jumper with burgundy trim to v-neck (optional)

•             Formalshirt/blouse (no logo) light blue for Years 7,8 & white for Years 9,10,11

•             Compulsory navy tie with house colour stripe

•             Navy blue trousers/ Navy drop waist pleated skirt with Academy badge

(Jeggings, leggings, skinny tight trousers, lycra jeans are NOT acceptable)

•             Black polished shoe


•             From 2017 - Years 7-8 Compulsory Rucksack with Academy badge

  •            Years 9-11 Schoolbag (must be able to fit A4 folders in)

•             Pencil case

•             Pens,pencil, rubber, ruler and sharpener

•             Student planner

•             Water bottle


Entering the Learning Zone

•             Be punctual

•             Line up outside the room quietly

•             Enter in orderly manner

•             Prepare quickly to start the lesson

•             Coats off, bags on floor, planners and equipment out on desk

•             Settle down quickly ready for the lesson to begin

•             Register in silence

During the Lesson

•             Listen in silence when teachers or other students speak

•             Put your hand up for attention from the teacher

•             Work either in silence or quietly as required

•             Stay on task

  •           Move around the room only with a teachers permission

  •           Only use resources/equipment when instructed

  •           Help to give out/collect equipment when requested

  • Leaving the Learning Zone 

  • Pack up in an orderly manner when requested

  • Wait quietly to be dismissed

  • Leave the room tidy, placing chairs under desk

    Organising Books and Equipment

  • Having a good system for keeping books and equipment

  • Knowing what lessons there are on a particular day

  • Knowing what equipment is needed for each lesson (e.g. PE kit,calculator for Maths, lab-coat for Science etc)

  • Usin gthe planner (to write down important notes and messages and refer to as a reminder)

  • Having a bag packed with everything needed for that day


  • Writing down your ‘homework timetable’ – what homework you get on which days

  • Understanding how your planner works – make sure you use the correct week to record your homework

  • Writing down your homework in lessons (write exactly what you have to do)

  • Recording when it has to be in for

  • Asking if you are not sure what the task means and checking with the teacher if you are not sure what books you will need etc

  • Making sure you bring home everything you need to do the homework

  • When you get home, use your planner to remind you of what you have to do

  • Take the completed homework to school on the right day

  • Remember to hand it in

  • Complete homework on the night it is set and not the night before it is due to be handed in