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We would like to extend a warm welcome to our new Executive Principal Catherine Davies.

A new welcome letter will appear here shortly.

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We send our best wishes to all families affected by Covid-19, as this is bringing health and financial concerns to so many.

Following the government’s announcement on Wednesday, Bexhill Academy will only be able to accommodate students who are defined clearly by the Department for Education. You can access this information by following this link:


These students will either be those who require our additional support, or those students with parents/carers who are themselves supporting so many others through their work (key workers).

Our own staff are also key workers, and we can only express our gratitude to those who are ensuring they can still come to work to enable the Academy to remain open.

However, we inevitably have many staff who are not able to work because of health concerns, and we cannot be certain on a day to day basis how our staffing capacity may change. This does mean it is imperative that parents/carers adhere strictly to the governments’ instructions. If students neither require our additional support, nor have parents/carers who are key workers, then children must not be sent to school, and, if at all possible, be at home.

If you are a key worker and will be sending your child/children we have asked you to let us know by filling in this form  https://forms.gle/Nyzm2EMdYg6V3u4e8. The key worker list was finalised after this document was sent, so if your profession is not listed please tick ‘None of the above’ and we can catalogue your key worker status when your child attends.

Please note that all students who attend school must:

·        Wear full school uniform

·        Bring in PE kit every day

·        Follow existing school rules and polices and will be subject to existing disciplinary procedures including exclusion. 

If either they or a family member shows symptoms of a recurring cough, and or high temperature, they should stay at home and follow NHS instructions (students who attend school with these symptoms will be sent home).

We look forward to ‘normal service’ resuming, and as a final point want to re-assure our Year 11 students we will be working to ensure that they are awarded the GCSE grades which reflect their efforts and achievements to date.

20th March 2020.

Catherine Davies - Executive Principal