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ACADEMY UPDATE 14 - 22 January 2021

We have all survived another week of remote learning and lockdown! It is so tough to be in lockdown in these dark days with the financial pinch getting even harder. It has been lovely to have received contacts from so many of you this week to feedback on the remote learning and engagement of your children. We are delighted with the attendance to remote learning as the vast majority of our students are now logging in each day at the appropriate time during normal school hours where possible. Your support in making this happen has been invaluable and helpful in giving our children a well needed sense of structure and achievement in this difficult lockdown period.

Some students are struggling to complete learning lessons in the time allocated and spending additional hours completing work. Please ask your child to spend the allocated lesson time only because we recognise that students with additional needs or students who may not fully understand a particular task won’t finish in a reasonable time. As long as teachers see engagement and a response to each lesson, we will be understanding and accommodate individual needs. They will still get their valued positive learning point on Classcharts.  It is vital that individuals aren’t overloaded and get sensible rest times not looking at a screen.

Equally it was a delight to walk past classrooms and hear so many of the delightful conversations between tutors and students with a few pets being exhibited over the live sessions! The remote Parents’ Evenings have gone very well.  This is just the start of our live parent evenings as we have future plans for you to speak to your child’s subject teachers. A huge well done to you our parents for joining us in upskilling with this new technology and wrestling with Google systems. It will get easier…I am assured.

I know that many of you value the contact and phone calls from school and have established really supportive relationships with your child’s tutors, pastoral managers or other members of staff. Please do continue to keep in close touch, it is at times like this when ‘family’ matters and we are actually providing support for each other to get through these times. You help us too, as it is good to talk.  However, please just remember to be kind and speak appropriately to staff if you are having particular frustrations – staff have their own challenges too and it is hurtful and unnecessary to vent or abuse someone on the end of a phone. Just like you, we have family members who are vulnerable and suffering in these days and we are all getting through as best we can.

 Have a restful and safe weekend. I hope you all find something enjoyable to do that is allowed under the current strict lockdown rules. Please keep in touch, we value all feedback.

To read the full Academy Update 14, please see: http://www.bexhillacademy.org/media/documents/2021%20-%20January%20-%20Term%203%20-%20Academy%20Update%2014.pdf

Catherine Davies - Executive Principal

MA, MBA, BA (Hons), NPQH