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ACADEMY UPDATE 2 - 17 September 2021

Dear Parents/Careers

We are absolutely delighted with how students have returned eager to make the most of this year and give their best in lessons every day. I have been walking around the Academy and visiting lessons – it have been a delight to see high engagement and students keen to learn. The uniform is also looking very smart. Alongside every other school in the country we have started with a strong focus on the basics such as bringing equipment, correct uniform, and positive engagement with learning for all so that every student is demonstrating skills and positive attitudes for life and future employment. Thank you sincerely for all your positive and encouraging messages of support as staff really appreciate the feedback and further suggestions.

We are piloting parent engagement events to further build on our existing strong parent and carer partnerships, if you are keen to be involved in working alongside staff and students to develop the school and continue to make it great as we approach the changes nationally to education and assessment etc. please do send your contact details to Sarah-jane.Bigby@bexhillacademy.orgour Parent Lead and she will include you in our future exciting plans. Thankyou particularly to the parents of Y7 for the overwhelmingly positive feedback about your child’s first weeks in our school family. Please do contact the school about anything that will help us to make their start and first term as smooth as possible. Our Year 7’s are looking fabulous and so eager to contribute positively to their new family.

A reminder that lessons start at 8.30am promptly therefore your child needs to be inside the academy building no later than 8.25am so that they can get into lessons without disturbing the learning of others. I understand that traffic can be busy on the way to school so it is important to prepare for that and leave in good time.

Please see the full letter: www.bexhillacademy.org/parents/2021-22-copies-of-letters-home

Warmest Wishes

Catherine Davies - Executive Principal

MA, MBA, BA (Hons), NPQH