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THURSDAY, 12 JULY FROM 4.00pm TO 7.30pm

I invite all parents and students to attend the end of Year 10 Parents Evening on Thursday, 12 July. The aim of the evening is to review your child’s progress in Year 10, including the recent end of year 10 exams, and to discuss what needs to take place in preparation for a successful start to Year 11. This may well involve study over the summer break period to keep knowledge and understanding fresh.

You child will shortly be given an appointment card on your behalf to make arrangements. Please let your child know in advance the time frames you can attend. You are encouraged to meet as many teachers as possible (although there will not be appointments for the early ‘10A’ GCSE). The AEN department are also making appointments.

On the evening there will also be the opportunity to purchase and place orders for some key revision materials. I am making you aware in advance so you have the means available to pick these up/order them straight away. Having the opportunity to have some of these texts over the Summer break will be advantageous to keeping learning fresh and minds occupied.

Some examples are:

? French and Spanish Revision workbooks at £2 each (available to pick up)

? Maths Workbooks and Revision Guides at £2.50 each (available to pick up)

? Maths Scientific Calculators at £6.50 each

? Combined Science Texts at £5.50 and Triple Science at £8.25 (Limited stock & orders taken)

? English Workbooks at £6.50 (orders being taken)

? History Revision Guides (4 separate texts) at £2.50 each (Orders being taken)

If you are unable to attend the evening can you please inform your child’s Pastoral Manager.

We look forward to seeing you.