Renown Bus Service - Last Day of Term 18 Dec 2018


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Renown Bus Service, No. 97 will come into the school grounds at 12:20, this goes down Gunters Lane to Bexhill Town Centre, not via Sidley.  The same bus then continues to Little Common & Cowdray Park as a service 94, via Sutherland Avenue (not via Cooden Beach Station). Due to it being a registered service Renown cannot extend the route to Upper Barnhorn which is where the normal 96 would terminate in the afternoons from the school.

So just to recap, Renown will send the 97 via Bexhill Academy grounds for pupils wanting to travel to Bexhill Town Hall/Town Centre; those wanting Little Common can stay on the same bus to get to Little Common.

Normal £1 fare applies. We do not accept Stagecoach tickets.

Students must be in the car park promptly - as soon as school finishes - 12.20pm

Stagecoach - Students will need to walk to the bus stop along Turkey Road - the bus will arrive at 12.47pm