Reminder - Cycling at Bexhill Academy


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Following a number of reports from members of the public, we are reviewing our Bicycle Registration Procedures to ensure the safety of our students.

From Monday 3 June, students will only be allowed to store their cycles on academy premises if the following criteria have been met:

  • Students have completed a Cycle Registration Form (available from the website: or student reception
  • Students are wearing a cycle helmet

Students not meeting these criteria will not be allowed to store their bike on academy premises. Students will be informed of this in assemblies prior to the May half term, and spot checks will also be carried out this term. Students not complying with these criteria will be reminded of the expectations from after the May holiday and you will also be informed in writing.

If you have any queries regarding these arrangements, or are concerned your child cannot meet the academy criteria, please contact me at your soonest opportunity. We would like to ensure all students remain safe on their journeys to and from the academy and will endeavour to support you with meeting these requirements.


Trudy Hillman, Assistant Principal