Leavers Hoodies 2018


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Leavers Hoodies 2018

 We would like to arrange a Leavers Hoodie to celebrate your son/daughters time at Bexhill Academy.

The price of the hoodie will be £19.00. If they would like the hoodie personalised, there is an additional £3 to pay, making the total £22.00. The hoodie will have the Academy logo (front) and 2018 on the reverse with all the names of the Year 11 students.

Details of the hoodies are on a display board where the Year 11’s can view the colours, sizes and design choices. The most popular design will be the one we order but colours can be ordered on an individual basis.

The order will be placed on 23 March 2018, just before the end of Term 4, so the hoodies will be delivered by mid/end of May. Please note that any orders received after this date will not be processed.

Payment must be made before the order is placed so details will be on School Gateway shortly. This is our simple, safe and more convenient payment option and our preferred method of payment, as it is more secure and gives you the convenience of paying for items online using a debit or credit card.

All your son or daughter needs to do is see Tracey, Communications Officer, and their details will be added to the order form.

Please note that any orders received, but not paid for, will not be processed.

Any questions please ask Tracey, Communications Officer, 01424 735475, or communications@bexhillacademy.org