Last Day of Term & New Academic Year


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As we approach the end of a very successful year, I am writing to inform you about times and dates for the new School term in September and reminders for the new school year.

End of Term – Friday 20 July at 12.20pm: School finishes on Friday, 20 July at 12.20pm at the end of the Sports Day event. All students must attend school on Friday in their School PE kit. Students in receipt of free school meals will be able to obtain food on the field from Canteen staff up until 12.00pm.

First Day Back - Tuesday 4 September: School starts on Tuesday, 4 September for all students.  We are however having a staggered start as follows:

Year 7 and 11 are expected to arrive to school at 8.20am. 

Years 8, 9 and 10 may arrive for break at 10.30am but will be expected to be in tutor time at 10.55am. 

Key Dates for Term One

  • Year 11 GCSE Evening – Thursday, 6 September

  • Year 10 GCSE Evening – Thursday, 13  September

  • Year 9 GCSE Evening – Thursday, 20 September

  • Inset Day – Friday, 28 September

  • Year 7 Settling in Evening – Thursday, 4 October


Uniform and Jewellery: We expect the highest standard of uniform from all students. If you are unsure of what the full correct uniform is, please find details on our website or at Superstitch86.  All year groups must wear a blazer.  Shoes must be a polished dress shoe. As normal, students who arrive at school who are not in the correct uniform will be sent home to change.  We are all very proud of our uniform standards and we will continue to check everyday at the student entrance to ensure that the standards are maintained.  Our Jewellery policy specifies that students can wear one stud in the lower ear lobe. Facial piercings are not allowed. Make-up must be discreet with no false eyelashes or nails.

Phones & Headphones: Students may bring their mobile phones to school at their own risk. However, if a student disregards the behaviour policy, this is a privilege that may be withdrawn by the Academy without notice. Our policy states that when students enter the school premises in the morning, phones must be switched off. Phones and headphones must be placed out of sight and may not be used during the school day. If your child requires emergency contact during the school day, please make arrangements with their Head of House.

Communication: Your child’s tutor remains the first port of call if you have any information that you may wish to share with us or any concerns. If you wish to discuss elements related to progress in a subject, please contact your child’s subject teacher, these email addresses are available on our school website.

I would like to wish everyone a very enjoyable and restful summer holiday and look forward to welcoming all students back on Tuesday, 4 September for the start of the new term.