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This trip was an experience like no other; we got to see various different aspects in BBC studios.

We reached Bexhill train station and waited for everyone to arrive so we could all get on the train. Two hours later we arrived at London Victoria.

The students set out over the Millennium Bridge, where we pondered at the BFI (British Film Institute).  The group learnt about the history of film. Eventually we came out and explored the West End, firstly walking over Waterloo Bridge; we saw three women who were protesting for the rights of Student & Staff Policies. Accepting an interview, they told us about why they were protesting and who the protest was aimed at.

Moving on, we eventually made it to Covent Garden, where we heard a man singing and saw all the market stalls around him.

We arrived at the BBC Centre! Entering through the revolving doors, we had to get a lanyard and have our bags checked. As we approached the 7th floor, we observed everyone hard at work. All of the journalists were working on articles and the BBC News was being filmed. We then got a tour around the7th floor, whilst walking to the workshop, where they explained about the day ahead of us.

We met many brilliant people who made this day possible.

By Lauren Carter

Bexhill Academy News Team