2021 - Term 5 - Year 11 - Next Steps Preparation


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Monday 7 – Friday 25 June 2021

We are delighted to be able to offer some ‘Get ready for A-level or Next Steps Bridging’ work . This will take place over a three week period and will be offered in a blended learning format with some work to complete remotely at home, mixed with optional sessions taking place face to face in school. 

The local colleges have emphasised the importance of this additional learning to ensure that students have a good foundation of knowledge for their courses in September.  Students who attend the optional face to face sessions are expected to wear full uniform and continue to follow all of the Academy’s expectations. They are also expected to attend every session they have signed up to and will not be able to remain on the school site outside of the session time, even if there are multiple sessions they wish to attend each day.

Live tutor time starting Tuesday 8 June- once per week - all Year 11 students will be expected to attend a live tutor session once per week. This will be at 10.55am-11.20am.  The invite will be sent on the Google classroom form group by the form tutor. 

Daily registration begins Tuesday 8 June - we will be asking all students to register online via Google Classroom each day during the three week period.  This will take place in the same way as it did during the lockdown period.