2020/21 - Term 2 - November - GCSE Certificate Collection (Leavers July 2020)


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You are invited to collect your GCSE certificates on Thursday 3 December 2020 between 4.00pm-5.30pm

If you are unable to collect your certificates in person please give written consent to whoever is collecting them for you. This can be an email prior to the 3rd.  Please note we will not release your certificates without written consent. The person collecting your certificates is required to show photo ID.

GCSE certificates are the evidence that proves your attainment in your GCSE’s. They are vital for interviews throughout your life. Make sure you keep them safe as they are very difficult and expensive to replace.

We are not permitted to keep your certificates so please collect them or they will have to be destroyed.

Jennie Phillips, Examinations Officer - 01424 730722 ext. 2213