2020 - May - Bexhill Academy Virtual Marathon Relay


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On Sunday 3rd May 2020 the PE teachers worked together as a team and ran a virtual marathon.

A marathon is 26.2 miles or 42.2 kilometers so the 10 of us completed roughly 2.6 miles or 4.18 kilometers each, individually around our own homes. Our grand total time was 4 hours, 3 minutes and 9 seconds.

A challenenge has been set this week for students to try and contribute to your PE classes marathon distance. We are hoping that you can work together to achieve a marathon and try to beat our time.

There are about 28 students in each class so every meter you achieve will help your class get the furthest possible distance.  We suggest you either:

A)    Jog around your garden.

B)    Jog up and down the pavement outside of your house

C)     Find a safe jogging route close to your home, you could try to get a parent/carer to complete it with you.

Be careful crossing roads, avoid other pedestrians, and be polite if you need to overtake them.   

There are a wide variety of free apps you can download on to your phone to record your distance and time. Your PE teachers chose to use https://www.strava.com or https://www.nike.com/gb/nrc-app . You need to take a photo or a screen shot of your distance/time and send it (via Show My Homework) to your PE teacher by 3.00pm on Friday 8 May.  Good luck

May the best class win.

Miss E Baker

For pictures, please click here: http://www.bexhillacademy.org/media/documents/2020%20-%20May%20-%20Bexhill%20Academy%20Virtual%20Marathon%20Relay.pdf