2020 - March - Students entitled to a Free School Meal


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The Academy has been working to try and find the best solution with regards to providing a free school meal to students. Our apologies for the time it has taken to arrange this but, as you can imagine,the demand on supermarkets has been unprecedented in recent days.

As previously notified we are providing vouchers for Tesco, as we have identified that this is the most geographically accessible supermarket chain for the majority of families.  We have initially purchased vouchers for a two week period, and these have now been sent out (Monday 30th March) to all of our families in receipt of free school meals.

You will receive £12.50 of vouchers for each student each week (the FSM daily allowance is £2.45). These vouchers are intended to enable you to provide a lunch each day to your child/children. (Tesco provide some recipe ideas which you can access at https://realfood.tesco.com/recipes/collections/on-a-budget.html)

Going forward we would like to be able to send these vouchers digitally so that they arrive securely and without any potential delays. To do this we need your permission to enter your email address into the Tesco portal.  Please would you therefore email FSM@bexhillacademy.org,to provide this permission.  If you do not wish to give this permission you will continue to be sent vouchers through the post, though we do strongly recommend you opt for e-delivery to ensure vouchers arrive with you without delays. While every precaution will be taken to ensure safe delivery, the Academy cannot accept responsibility for any posted vouchers which go missing. 

Thank you for your patience during the set-up of these arrangements, and we send our best wishes to all families at this time