2019 - Year 8 Subject Consultation Evening (Parents Evening) Thursday 28 November


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It is a pleasure to invite all parents/carers to the subject consultation evening on Thursday 28 November 4pm – 7.30pm.

This evening allows you to talk to your child’s individual subject teachers about their progress. Teachers will be available in 5 minute slots, with your child making appointments on your behalf. Please discuss with your child what timeframes you will be available on this evening so they can make appointments with their teachers accordingly. Appointment cards will be issued in tutor time on Monday 11 November. Please note appointments are on a first come first served basis.

The AEN team and Pastoral Managers will also be on hand to discuss any further points relating to your child’s overall progress and well-being.

As you are no doubt aware, Year 8 is a significant year for students who will undertake the ‘Graduation’ process into year 9. It is our wish for even more students to graduate with ‘honours’ into their GCSE studies. It is therefore imperative for students and parents/carers to ensure they know the current state of play and what needs to be done to achieve success.

This is a hugely important evening for all involved and it is our expectation that all parties involved will be attending. If you are unable to attend please inform the relevant pastoral manager, who are charged with tracking attendance on this evening.

We look forward to seeing you all

Mr P Mendela, Vice Principal