2019 - Year 10 Taster Days


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It is the time of year where students need to sign up for a college experience. We highly recommend they do this even if they are sure or unsure what they want to do (apprenticeship or college).

The colleges we recommend seeing are our local providers. Students must go to at least 2 taster days and really experience the full day in the life of a year 12 student.

Each college has sign up forms on their website.

East sussex college Eastbourne campus – 28th June

East sussex college Hastings campus – 2nd July

Bexhill college – 10th July

Sign up on the websites below.

East sussex colleges - http://www.escg.ac.uk/whats-on/taster-days/

Bexhill college - https://portal.bexhillcollege.ac.uk/tasterday/tasterdayapplication.aspx

Any queries, please see Mr B Eldridge, Yr 11/12 transition, Head of Oxford house