2019 - July Drop Down Day


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As part of our PSHE curriculum, Wednesday 10 July will be a PSHE day for all students. This means the timetable will be replaced with a PSHE curriculum during the normal school hours as follows:

Years 7: Team building and healthy active lifestyles

Students not attending camp will participate in a range of activities that explore problem solving, working with others and the benefits of a healthy active lifestyle. Year 7 students will need to wear PE kit to school.

Year 8: Transition to GCSE

Students will be taking part in a range of activities to prepare them for the next stage of their academic career.

Year 9: Drug Education and Relationship and Sex Education

Students will complete a carousel of lessons looking into the effects (both physically and mentally) of drug and alcohol misuse, positive relationships and the law. Students will automatically follow lessons but parents/carers do have the right to withdraw their child form SRE lessons. If you wish to discuss an alternative provision please email me at francesca.ocallaghan@bexhillacademy.org.

Year 10: Careers

Students not attending Bexhill College taster day will complete a carousel of lessons that focus on preparing for the wider world. They will explore different careers, build a CV and start preparing for college.