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Oxford - Our Charity

In Tutor Time Oxford House discussed a number of charities and then voted on the charity of their choice, which was Great Ormond Street Hospital.
Each year, there are over 255,000 patient visits to the hospital. Most of the children that GOSH care for are referred from other hospitals throughout the UK and overseas. There are more than 50 different clinical specialties at GOSH. Finding new and better treatments and cures for childhood illnesses has always been central to of their work. GOSH is also at the forefront of paediatric training in the UK. It trains more children’s nurses than any other hospital. GOSH also plays a leading role in training paediatric doctors. Funding raising events for GOSH are being carried out over this academic year. Any Oxford House students wishing to carry out a fund raising event should contact Mrs Bradbury or Mr Eldridge.

Our University

The University of Oxford is the oldest university in the English-speaking world as well as the second-oldest continually running university, right after the University of Bologna. With evidence that classes were taught there as early as 1098 A.D. In 2011, the University of Oxford was ranked 4th in the world as the best university, Caltech was number one while Harvard University and Stanford University tied for 2nd and 3rd. The University of Oxford is ranked first in Business Studies, English, Politics, Physiological Sciences, Fine Art, Middle Eastern and African Studies, Music and Philosophy.
Two friends, Charles Merival who was at Cambridge, and Charles Wordsworth, a student at Oxford, decided to hold a rowing race between the universities. On 12 March 1829, Cambridge challenged Oxford and a tradition was born. 1836 Oxford selected dark blue to race in and Cambridge adopted the “duck egg blue”. Cambridge are the more successful university, and in 1936 celebrated a record 13th consecutive win. Oxford wins 70 - Cambridge wins 77 - dead-heats 1