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Please note that this page contains careers guidance and information for students at Bexhill Academy.  If you are seeking information about opportunities to join our staff team please visit our Vacancies and Recruitment page

Our Careers Advisor is Tracey Holden, 01424 735475

Please feel free to contact Tracey with regards to opportunities, support and information relating to careers provision at Bexhill Academy. 

Building an Alumni community to inspire our students

We are delighted to inform you that Bexhill Academy is working with the education charity Future First to build a thriving alumni community. Amongst our former students is a whole host of talented role models who we want to connect with in order to celebrate their success and inspire our current students. Alumni can be brought back to offer careers and education advice, mentor students, provide work experience placements and much more besides.

We need you

Please help us reach out to our former students using your own networks. From doctors to dancers, pilots to plumbers, we need alumni from a range of careers to open our students’ eyes to what’s possible.

If you are a former student or know of any who’d like to stay in touch and give back to their old school, ask them to sign up at:

Careers Provision

Give An Hour campaign

GIVE AN HOUR seeks to galvanise the business community to deliver employer encounters in schools and colleges. Once a business volunteer has completed the campaign registration form on The Careers & Enterprise Company website, based on their location, they will be matched with an Enterprise Coordinator. The Enterprise Coordinator will support them to deliver employer encounters in their local area either directly with schools and colleges or via local career activity providers.

KEY MESSAGES:• In an hour, you could make a difference to the choices a young person makes about their future. • In an hour, you could change the course of a young person’s life just by sharing your story or helping them understand more about

the world of work. • In an hour, you can help young people to create new perspectives and inspire new ideas.

GIVE AN HOUR CAMPAIGN KEY BUSINESS BENEFITS:• Give back to the local community. • Support young people. • Help to develop a future workforce. • Increase the potential talent pipeline in the local area. • Inspire young people about different sectors/industries.

HERE ARE SOME OF THE WAYS BUSINESSES CAN GET INVOLVED: • Share their career journey in an assembly or classroom. • Bring a subject to life by sharing their industry experience. • Take part in a mock interview or CV writing workshop. • Speed networking. • Volunteer through local careers activity providers.

Labour Market Information (LMI)

Labour Market Information (or LMI) can be a confusing concept to begin with but in truth, it’s much simpler than you might think.

LMI can help visual what the job market is like in a particular area of the country, or in a particular industry. It can outline how many people in a given area work within a particular industry (such as manufacturing, or health and social care) and which industries are set to grow in the next few years. This can be very useful when looking at changing careers, or planning future career ideas as it helps identify the likelihood of finding local opportunities in the future.

It can also show the average wages for a location or industry and average working hours to help you make well informed future decisions.

The expert advisers at the National Careers Service can help you understand the LMI in your area for free– call anytime between 8am and 10pm everyday on 0800 100 900 for free, impartial advice.

By the age of 14, all pupils will have accessed and used information about career paths and the labour market to inform their own decisions on study options.  Therefore every pupil, and their parents, should have access to good quality information about future study options and labour market opportunities.

We encourage parents/carers to access and use information about labour markets and future study options to support their children.

The LMI for All Careerometer widget is a great tool for exploring different occupations.  The widget can be used to explore and compare key information about occupations, help to learn about different occupations, and identify potential careers.

Year 10 Work Experience

Why take part in work experience?

Taking part in work experience offers students a really valuable opportunity to experience the world of work, and encouraging young people to step out of their comfort zone is so important. It encourages them to think about what sort of job and work environment might suit them and to then reflect on the skills and experience that are needed for the work place. It is something really positive that students can include in their CV or personal statement, and it gives them something to talk about at interviews. Above all it can really help to develop confidence, a sense of responsibility and independence.

Work Experience takes place in Term 6 for our Year 10 students where they visit the world of work for three days.

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